Jess has fast become the local go to piercing lady, she is our full time Body Piercer here at Gizmos Richmond, and she has over 12 years experience in Professional Body Piercing and providing knowledgeable Aftercare Advice.

Jess prides herself in providing you with clear and thorough details on how to care for your new piercing(s). As well as providing a Clean and Calm space for you to feel comfortable.
This includes providing you with our aftercare cleaning spray and a detailed aftercare form once the piercing is done, and most importantly lets you know when to come back in store to get your initial jewellery downsized.

Jess only Pierce's by Needle, and uses high quality Sterilized/Autoclaved Surgical Steel jewellery.
(Titanium is available by request, and is used for dermal implants)

Jess is very passionate about every body piercing she does and takes great care in making sure you are happy with everything first, before she performs the piercing on your body. She cares about your new piercing, not just on the day, but she cares about how it is going to be weeks, months, and years later.
She wants you to be happy with your new piercing for years to come!
This is why she won't pierce anywhere on your body where there is not enough room to be pierced for the jewellery to sit and heal properly.

"You will be glad you chose us for your piercing journey" Jess believes this because that's what getting a new body piercing is, it’s a journey! and every body piercing needs to be taken care of, to keep the piercing happy and looking great!

Jess also specializes in providing professional body piercing aftercare advice, with her many years in the industry she can help with any questions you may have, and guide you on what you need, or need to do to get your piercing(s) looking and feeling how they should.
Even if you have a piercing that wasn't pierced by Jess that you are having trouble with, she is happy to have a look and help get it feeling and looking better for you. 

Other piercing related services Jess can help you with are:

  • Jewellery Change/Removal - for sport, work, pre-surgery, etc
  • Giving you an honest opinion/guidance about anything piercing related.
  • Getting you fitted with the correct size and type of jewellery.
  • Guidance for the best placement of your next body piercing.

It’s always great to update and freshen up your existing body jewellery, not only does new body jewellery look great, but treating yourself always makes you feel great to! 
If it’s some shiney new Body Jewellery you are after we have the LARGEST Body Jewellery range in the region, with lots of high quality surgical steel and titanium body jewellery, as well as lots of ear tunnels and plugs, with a great range to choose from! And if you do struggle to change/fit your own body jewellery, Jess can help get you get fitted with the correct size with one of her super handy jewellery changes.