Appointment Exceptions

  • All Piercing services with Jess are by appointment only.
    She does not accept walk-ins.

You can book in for any piercing appointment or service by messaging Jess.

  • Please let Jess know if you are unable to make your appointment at least 24 hours before and Jess will happily reschedule your booking.

  • Jess does not offer Body piercings to anyone under the age of 13.

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 16 years old must bring a parent or legal guardian to sign their consent form and provide their photo ID.

Any piercings that state R16 or R18 mean these piercings are only available to persons of this age - or over, regardless if you have parental consent.

  • Jess does not offer piercings to anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.
    This can compromise your immune system, so it’s safer to wait.

  • All Piercings are subject to an anatomy consultation.

If Jess believes your Piercing isnt suitable to the placement you are wanting she will not pierce it. This is purely a healing and safety reason.

With Jess’s many years in the Piercing industry she has seen it all and prides herself on only providing Piercings that she is confident will sit and heal comfortably and safely in the body.

If you are unsure you will be able to get the Piercing you are wanting please send Jess a message.

  • Jess will not pierce you until you have had something decent to eat, within the hour before your appointment.
    Please have a decent meal and treat yourself to something sweet and sugary.