La Richè - Directions Hair Colour - Info & Tips

La Richè -Directions Hair Colour is a range 46 exotic super bright, semi permanent - conditioning hair colours.

Use over bleached or pre-lightened hair is recommended for vibrant results, and excellent staying power that has a lovely fade.

At the height of the fashion explosion these unique tubs of colour rocketed and have been supporting fashion trends and styles worldwide ever since, even landing themselves on many celebrity heads along the way. 

With no ammonia, peroxide or PPD and a strict in house 'no animal testing' policy - Directions Semi Permanent Hair Colour is not only the best fashion shade of choice, it's also the safer way to colour.

British made and loved world wide, every product is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free, so you can rest easy knowing that not a single animal was harmed or exploited during manufacture and supply.

Established in 1981 under the La Riche brand, Directions Hair Colour is endorsed by PETA and is the preferred brand of semi-permanent colour for thousands of alternative colour lovers around the world.

All 46 fabulous colours can be mixed, allowing you to create your perfect shade with ease.

They come in 88ml pottle with a tamper proof lid.

Please note: That for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns on this item - Even if unused / unopened.

*One pot of colour is usually enough to cover short to shoulder length hair, but depends on how thick your hair is etc. 
*Two pots of colour is usually enough to cover shoulder to mid-back length hair, but again depends on how thick your hair is etc.
*You don't have to use all the colour once opened, and it is good to have some left over to top up the colour when it starts to fade.
* Dyes usually last between 2-6 weeks and fade out gradually / change colour over time, mainly depending on how often you wash your hair.
Dry shampoo can help you to prolong the colour and using a good quality conditioner can help slow fading a little.
* Directions contains NO peroxide and is thus best suited to use on light blonde or pre-lightened hair.
The colour shown is based on bleached hair and may not necessarily indicate the final colour which will depend on your base colour, hair type and porosity.
* Darker shades may give a sheen of colour to darker hair but we recomend pre-lightening(bleaching) for the best results.
* Dye results cannot be guaranteed always try a strand test to check possible results.
* Always follow manufacturers instructions fully.

Helpful Hints:
Shampoo the hair with a pH acid balanced shampoo(with no conditioner), this will give the hair the correct acid balance, allowing Directions hair colour to achieve the best results.
Comb Directions into the hair until it emulsifies, i.e becomes frothy, the pigments will have penetrated in to the hair, lighter shades may require a little more combing.
Processing time is between 15 and 30 minutes, but this product will not damage your hair if left in longer (as it is a conditioning colour) this will give it more holding power, a plastic cap will contain the heat on the hair helping to achieve a better result.
Rinse the hair thoroughly away from the face with warm water until all the residue dye has been removed.
All directions colours can be mixed with each other so to create your own unique shade.

Directions will take faster and last longer on chemically treated / bleached hair.
If more than one colour is applied the hair must be washed and dried separately, greater care must be taken when partially colouring lighter hair.

* Do wear rubber or plastic gloves when applying the hair colour.
* Do use vaseline, petroleum jelly or baby oil around the hairline to avoid temporary staining of the forehead, ears, and neck.
* As with all hair colours, we advise a strand test first.

* Do not mix Directions with peroxide.
* Do not use shampoo with conditioner included before colouring.