Jess specializes in providing professional body piercing aftercare advice, with her many years in the industry she has seen it all and can help with any questions you may have, and guide you on what you need, or need to do to get your piercing(s) looking and feeling how they should.

Even if you have a piercing that was not pierced by Jess that you are having trouble with, she is happy to have a look and help get it feeling and looking better for you. 

Most of the time body piercing troubles, are just irritation. and can be easily fixed. By fitting you with the correct jewellery size, fitting you with proper surgical steel jewellery and talking you through a regular piercing cleaning routine with the correct piercing cleaning solution.

We don't recommend that you remove a body piercing if it is sore or has redness around it, it can be very dangerous to do this, as if there is an infection present and the jewellery is removed it will trap the infection in and lead to bigger issues arising.

So if you are unsure about anything piercing related, come in and see us.

Other piercing related services Jess can help you with are:

  • Jewellery Change/Removal - for sport, work, pre-surgery, etc
  • Giving you an honest opinion/guidance about anything piercing related.
  • Getting you fitted with the correct size and type of jewellery.
  • Guidance for the best placement of your next body piercing.