All of our Body Piercings are by Appointment only - Please see the "HOW TO BOOK" page for more information on making an appointment.

At the moment while we are wearing "masks", we are seeing a lot of sore and irritated ear and facial piercings (older piercings & new piercings) this is mainly being caused from taking a mask on and off, and from piercings that are covered by the mask itself that are not used to being covered for long time periods.

So for now Jess is only going to be piercing areas that are not affected by taking a mask on and off or any piercings that are covered by the mask itself.

Please remember to follow these restrictions while we are in Level 2:

  • Please stay home if you are feeling sick or unwell.
  • Please come alone to your appointment (where possible)
  • Please wear a face mask at all times (where possible)

And if you do currently have a sore or irritated piercing, and are not sure what is happening. Come in store and see us, we can have a look and see if we can help get it feeling better for you.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support.