Preparing for your Piercing Appointment

Please read these guides for preparing yourself for your new piercing.
Your appointment may be canceled if these rules are not followed.

  • If you are feeling sick or unwell please send Jess a message at least 24 hours notice and she will happily reschedule your appointment.

  • Please make sure you have something decent to eat within the hour before your appointment time.

This helps keep your energy and sugar levels up so you're  less likely to faint and it is also to help your body to react better while getting a piercing.

Stay hydrated, you are totally welcome to bring a drink with you. Jess will supply a lollipop!

  • We require a photo ID for all Body Piercings.

All Piercings are either R16 or R18.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 16 years old or cannot provide a valid photo ID you will need a parent or legal guardian to come in and sign your consent form. They will need to provide their photo ID.

(Please note: Some piercings are not available for this age group)

  • There is limited space in our Piercing room so we can only accommodate for the person getting pierced to be in the room.

You are so welcome to bring a support person but they will need to wait outside.

(Please Note: No persons under 10 years old are allowed in the Salon)

  • Jess always provides thorough healing aftercare advice and always talks you through the process with detail and care.
    Jess offers - Piercing Aftercare Spray Solution for $8.   

  • Pain relief (eg.panadol) can be taken before your piercing appointment and an anti inflammatory (eg.nurofen) (this helps reduce swelling) can be taken after your piercing appointment (make sure this is taken with food.)

  • At the moment Jess can only accept cash payments, or a previously paid bank transfer, made before the booking day/time.

  • Any questions, thoughts or concerns please feel free to message Jess, she is always happy to help.

Please remember the more relaxed you are, the nicer and safer the piercing experience is, and also the healthier you are, the better your new piercing will heal.