Dragon's Blood - Incense Cones

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Satya - Dragon's Blood - Incense Cones

12 pack - Dhoop cones with stand included. 
Hand crafted and hand made incense in the Indian masala tradition.

Satya Earth series affirm their commitment on giving you nothing but the best. 
All of Satya's incense not only have a signature fragrance but have also been derived from natural resources, making these a special gift from Mother Earth.
Using ingredients of the highest purity and quality, passed down from generation to generation.

Indulge in the mystical aromas of Satyas Dragons' Blood.
Unleash the power within with this exotic, earthy, sweet, rich, powerful and grounding scent.
This natural fragrance helps with spell casting by protecting ones aura and home from any bad energies.

Dhoop incense cones - Known to purify bad air and create a more positive and encouraging environment with a powerful blast of beautifully scented aroma.

Satya incense
* Hand crafted and rolled in India
* Eco friendly packaging
* No child labour
* Not tested on animals
* Certified green product

Packaging - Small incense shaped box - approx - 7 cm long x 6 cm wide


Directions for use -
Carefully light the tip of the cone and wait until it evenly starts to glow.
Blow the flame out and place the cone on the stand provided in the packet.
Ensure that all ash falls onto a heat and fireproof surface.
Make sure the incense is completely extinguished before disposing of the remains. 

Safety warning -
For use with incense holders and ash catchers only.
Place away from flammable materials.
Light and use in a well-ventilated area.
Store and burn out of reach of children and pets.
Never leave unattended while burning.
Be cautious when using incense products if you have perfume sensitivity or suffer from any respiratory problems.