Palo Santo - Smudge Incense

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Banjara - Palo Santo - Smudging Incense Sticks

Cleansing incense, smudge sticks, hand made with love in India.
15grams - approx - 10, long lasting, slow burning sticks.

Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, is a wild, free tree. Its wood, leaves and oils have been used for centuries by indigenous Shamans to heal the body and soul.
Smudging Palo Santo will cleanse and welcome creativity and love, promote feelings of positivity and joy, brighten energy and bring good fortune into your space.
This peaceful scent is known to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance clarity and concentration.

Ethno-Tribal Smudge Incense, hand made with love in India while supporting indigenous culture.
It's 100% natural, eco-friendly, never tested on animals, long lasting and slow burning and is always of the highest quality!

A Smudging Prayer - 
Cleanse this space, remove the past.
I've found my happiness at long last.
Fill this space with joy and love, send your blessings from above.

Packaging - Classic incense shaped box - approx - 24 cm long x 4.5 cm wide


Directions for use -
Place the smallest end of the incense stick into a safe, suitable incense holder.
Light the incense coated end of the stick and carefully blow out the flame once the incense stick starts to glow.
Ensure that all ash falls onto a heat and fireproof surface.
Make sure the incense is completely extinguished before disposing of the remains. 

Safety warning -
For use with incense holders and ash catchers only.
Place away from flammable materials.
Light and use in a well-ventilated area.
Store and burn out of reach of children and pets.
Never leave unattended while burning.
Be cautious when using incense products if you have perfume sensitivity or suffer from any respiratory problems.