Prosperity - Incense

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Elements - Prosperity - Incense Sticks.

20 Spell Incense Sticks, Hand crafted India, Designed in the UK.                                      Witchy Artwork by Lisa Parker.

Light the incense and affirm -
"Blessings flow to me this day, my riches grow in every way"

Releases a calming but strong aroma of jasmine into your space. 

Packaging - Hexagon shaped box - approx - 24 cm long x 3 cm wide

Elements incense is made from only the highest quality ingredients.

Directions for use -
Place the smallest end of the incense stick into a safe, suitable incense holder.
Light the incense coated end of the stick and carefully blow out the flame once the incense stick starts to glow.
Ensure that all ash falls onto a heat and fireproof surface.
Make sure the incense is completely extinguished before disposing of the remains. 

Safety warning -
For use with incense holders and ash catchers only.
Place away from flammable materials.
Light and use in a well-ventilated area.
Store and burn out of reach of children and pets.
Never leave unattended while burning.
Be cautious when using incense products if you have perfume sensitivity or suffer from any respiratory problems.