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Yerba Santa Sage - Smudge Stick

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Green Tree Yerba Santa Sage - Smudge Stick, Packaged.

10cm Smudge stick.

Sweet yet bitter "holy herb" smudge stick, it invokes something magical!
This cleansing pleasant and uplifting scent is a great ceremonial tool to burn for healing, purification, protection, love, spiritual strength and courage.
Perfect to use for purifying ones space, body and mind.

Smudge sticks are bundles of dried herbs, bound together with string or twine.

Directions - 
(to be used as a guide only,
this is how we use our smudging sage.) - 

Start by setting your intentions -
What you would like to achieve with this cleanse.
To light- carefully hold one end of the smudge stick over a candle flame for about 20 seconds then gently blow out the flames so you are left with glowing embers.
Place the smudge stick in a safe, heat proof dish, big enough to catch any ash. 
Have some water ready as a precaution.
Now slowly walk around your house making sure you let the smoke drift into every corner, stating your intentions and filling your space with nothing but bright light, peace and positive energy.

Remember to never leave a lit smudge stick unattended, and to safely put it out once it has finished burning.