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Gizmos Richmond

Aftercare Spray / Cotton Buds - Combo

Aftercare Spray / Cotton Buds - Combo

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Aftercare Spray / Cotton Buds - Combo

The perfect body piercing aftercare cleaning combo!

Combo includes:
1 x Gizmos Richmond - Aftercare Spray - 30ml
1 x Pack of 100 "Pams" branded Cotton Buds

Aftercare Spray information:

Our Gizmos Richmond body piercing antiseptic, cleaning, aftercare spray can be used on fresh new piercings and is also great for keeping older piercing clean and healthy.

It comes in a handy 30ml spray bottle with full instructions/directions on "how to use" included.

We have been recommending our locally sourced aftercare spray for many years, it is tried and trusted by all our local customers, with great results and feedback compared to other aftercare brands and has become our number one selling aftercare product!

Made up of 1% Chlorhexidine and Saline solution, Chlorhexidine works as a mild antiseptic and keeps the skin and area around your body piercing clean and healthy.

Do you have a sore or irritated piercing? This spray can help, if used correctly.

Cotton Buds information:

Pack of 100 "Pams" branded Cotton Buds

To be used for cleaning around your body piercings with the above body piercing aftercare spray solution.

Materials: 100% cotton buds at each end of a paper stick.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send us a message and we can help get you sorted!
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