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Gizmos Richmond

Curved - Steel - 16g - Barbell

Curved - Steel - 16g - Barbell

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Bar Length
Gizmos Richmond - Body Jewellery Basic's

16g - Curved - Surgical Steel - Barbell - 3mm Ball Ends

16g - 16 gauge (1.2mm bar thickness)
Curved / Banana - barbell
External thread (screw on to bar) 3mm ball ends. (standard size end)

Metal: Highly Polished 316L Surgical Steel - "Silver/Chrome" in colour.

Suitable for Eyebrow piercings, Vertical Lip piercings, and some Ear Cartilage piercings.

Comes with an alcohol cleaning swab/pad for cleaning of the jewellery, and the area prior to fitting/inserting.

Looking for different size ball/spike ends or coloured and diamante ends - Click HERE

Please Note: For health and safety, and sanitary reasons - 
All ''Body Jewellery'' sales are strictly final, and can NOT be returned or exchanged at all - even if unused etc.

As every human body is built different, we cannot guarantee that our recommendations will suit or fit you. Please only use this information as a guide.

Colour(s) may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

It is always a great idea to note down your jewellery sizes and types for future reference, as once you know what size jewellery and type you have, it makes buying new body jewellery super easy!

Fitment of the correct size, length and jewellery type is the key to a happy piercing!
If you are unsure of what body jewellery you need, for where etc.
You can always send us a message, we are here to help!
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